Tbilisi Gestalt Institute

Certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy

Our educational programme includes theoretical lectures, as well as practical training and group therapy workshops. Lectures and workshops are delivered by guest trainers in accordance with the Educational Standards of European Association for Gestalt Therapy.

The programme consists of 3 parts; after successful completion of each of the parts relevant certificates are issued:

  1. First stage of the programme successful completion – Gestalt Consultant Certificate;
  2. Second stage of the programme successful completion – Gestalt Practitioner certificate;
  3. The full programme successful completion (including individual therapy, clinical practice and supervision relevant hours) – Gestalt Therapist Certificate

The educational programme structure by topics over the training years is distributed as follows*:

The first year of study covers 6-7 workshops, including 4-5 group therapy practical trainings, and 1-2 workshops theory of Gestalt Therapy, its history and fundamental concepts. Upon completion of the first year, students write an assay on what they have gained during the first year of study and what do they plan to attain by continuing their education in the field of Grestalt Therapy.

The second year consists of 7-8 workshops, including 2 therapy groups and the rest – didactic seminars on the following topics:

  • Methods and Forms of Gestalt Therapy;
  • Introduction to Gestalt Therapy Techniques, including experiment (art, psychodrama, empty chair, various projection techniques, genogram, etc.), dialogue, working with dreams, and other.
  • Phenomenological and existential approach in psychotherapy;
  • Theory of Self; Contact and Creative adjustment;
  • Human Organism and Environment; Development theories;
  • Introduction to Supervision in Gestalt Therapy.

For Gestalt Consultant certification, a student has to cover at least 200 hours of therapy in group and individual setting, and 200 hours of didactic training, including first supervision workshop. Upon completion of the indicated hours, students write a test covering theoretical concepts of Gestalt Therapy. Upon recommendation of the supervising trainer, student is entitled to Gestalt Consultant level and is permitted to start counselling under appropriate supervision.**

The third year of study includes but is not limited to the following obligatory topics:

  • In-depth training of Gestalt Therapy techniques
  • Field theory
  • Paradoxical theory of change
  • Family and system psychotherapy
  • Gestalt Therapy with children and adolescents
  • Gestalt Therapy of sexuality and related problems
  • Client-Therapist relationship; “I-Though” dialogue

The fourth year of the programme includes, but is not limited to the following obligatory topics:

  • Diagnosis and therapy of psychopathology: psychological theories and Gestalt Therapy approach
  • Clinical practice
  • Gestalt Therapy of psychological trauma; crisis interventions
  • Ethics
  • Specialized, advanced workshops – in addition to the core programme, students are offered theoretical and practical seminars in specialized fields, e. g. psychotraumatology, addictions, family counselling, Gestalt practice in organisation, etc.

After 3rd and 4th years of study, formal examination with guest trainers and supervisors is required.

In addition to the initial 200 hours of group therapy, students are required to take at least 50 hours of Gestalt Therapy in an individual setting over 4.5 years of study.

Main language of the workshops is Russian – without translation. In case, of other languages, e.g. English, translation to Georgian is provided. Written examinations are done in Georgian language.

*Obligatory topics, their distribution and respective number of hours is set to comply with EAGT standards active at the time of study.  

**Over the course of Educational Programme, starting from the beginning of the 3rd year, which is minimum 2.5 years, students are required to obtain 400 hours of clinical practice (experience of working with clients) under supervision of minimum 150 hours, including group and individual supervision with eligible supervising professionals. 

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