Tbilisi Gestalt Institute

Introductory-level course

Gestalt Psychotherapy Introductory-level course represents the introduction into first level of the main Educational Program, and can be attended as part of it, or on a separate basis. It covers 150 academic hours over one calendar year and includes the following:

  • Group therapy training dedicated to personal growth and professional self-exploration;
  • Introduction to the history and theoretical fundamentals of Gestalt Therapy.

Training is conducted once per 1.5-2 months by guest trainers in accordance with the predefined schedule. Working language is Russian. Each training lasts 3-4 days, usually including weekend days, from 10.00 till 18.00, with a few breaks.

After completion of each of the training, TGI issues certificates signed by the director of the Institute and the guest trainer, indicating the exact number of hours attended by the student.

In case of interest, subject to the Educational Standards requirements, a student can continue training under the main Educational Programme. In case of rejection, TGI is obliged to provide a reasonable explanation.

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