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“Gestalt Therapy of Panic and Anxiety Disorders and Phobias”

For the first time in Georgia, Gianni Francesseti, invited by Tbilisi Gestalt Institute, will conduct a workshop on the Gestalt Therapy approach to working with panic and anxiety disorders, and phobias. Gianni Francesseti, the former president of EAGT, is a psychiatrist, Gestalt therapist, international trainer and supervisor.

He has published widely on psychotherapy and psychopathology, exploring original approaches to understanding clinical suffering from a phenomenological and Gestalt therapy viewpoint and proposing new models for framing particular clinical disorders (including experiences of panic, depression, psychosis, and obsessive-compulsive disorder).

Gianni is the acting President of Poiesis. Gestalt Therapy Center of Torino and Director of IPsiG – International Institute for Gestalt Therapy and Psychopathology. He is the former President of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT), of the Società Italiana Psicoterapia Gestalt (SIPG) and of the Federazione Italiana delle Associazioni di Psicoterapia (FIAP), member of the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy (NYIGT), the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy (AAGT), the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP), and the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR). He lives and works in Turin, Italy.

“Art Therapy of Anxiety and Phobic Experiences”

In the modern unstable and stressful world people tend to experience more and more anxiety on a daily basis. Anxiety can take different forms, including sleep disturbances, over-eating, unreasonable fears (phobias) causing avoidant and/or addictive behaviour, panic attacks, and a constant feeling of tension and tiredness, that go almost undetected as a usual background of daily activities.

Tbilisi Gestalt Institute offers a 3-day workshop for psychotherapists in Art Therapy techniques developed specifically to work with anxiety and phobias. Art Therapy – when  words are not enough!

The workshop will cover theoretical topics, including anxiety, phobias, stress, panic attacks, gratification crisis, emotional memory, etc. However, the major part of the workshop will be dedicated to practical exercises and learning through experiencing of the unique techniques, including working with glass (patent of Russian Federation), Art Therapy cleaning methods, and other. The workshop language is Russian. The workshop price is 350 Lari for the students of Tbilisi Gestalt Institute, and 450 Lari for the others. Upon completion of the workshop, each participant will receive a certificate of completion. Registration has started. The number of places is limited. For additional information, please contact us on  +995 555 330 177.

“Psychological Trauma Art Therapy “

Working language: Russian. Trainer: Liudmila Lebedeva (Moscow, Russia). After successful completion if the training, participants receive certificates. Description of the programme:

Processing psychological trauma using art therapy techniques to identify underlying traumatic experience/event, mediated exposure through art, resource identification and development, meaning making, positive transformation of self image as a result of experience integration. Liudmila Lebedeva will present diagnostic as well as intervention techniques.


Art therapy techniques to be presented include but are not limited to the following:

  • Use of paper and foil puppets to verbalise and reprocess psychological trauma.
  • Use of metaphor cards to identify and integrate traumatic experiences. In particular, we use cards with fragments of Nino Chakvetadze’s paintings.
  • Method of photo projection to diagnose and reprocess, applying Judy Weiser questionnaire (Photo Therapy, Therapeutic Photography & Related Techniques).
  • Use of plasticine and clay for self-image and self-worth work.
  • Arth techniques “Labirynth” to work with existential crisis.
  • Metaphorical technique “Doors and Keys”, etc.

Liudmila Lebedeva is an art therapy professional with international training experience, PhD in Pedagogy, professor at Positive Technologies and Consulting University, Moscow.

“OH Cards in Gestalt Therapy”

Specialized workshop for students of the main Educational Programme in Gestalt Therapy dedicated to the use of OH Cards within the framework of Gestalt Therapy. Working language: Russian.

14550933_10207400960442719_254731611_o“OH Cards” therapeutic application started in early 80s, and nowadays the method is widely used within various psychotherapy approaches.

specialisti_artur_dombrovsky_sTrainer: Arthur Dombrovsky (Arthurs Dombrovskis), Director of Riga Gestalt Institute, EAGT and EAP member, graduate of Sigmund Freud University, Vienna, Austria.


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