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Past events

Family System Gestalt Therapy

Tatjana Velenta, EAGT accredited trainer and supervisor, lecturer of Riga Gestalt Institute, author of many publications, visited Tbilisi Gestalt Institute and conducted a workshop “Family System Gestalt Therapy”. The students were introduced to system Gestalt therapy methods, intervention techniques of couple and family psychotherapy.

October 2017

Gestalt Therapy Approach to Psychotherapy of Anxiety, Panic Disorders and Phobias

Gianni Francesseti, psychiatrist, Gestalt therapist, international trainer and supervisor, the former president of EAGT, author of numerous publications on psychotherapy and psychopathology, for the first time in Georgia, invited by Tbilisi Gestalt Institute,  conductед a workshop on “Gestalt Therapy Approach to Psychotherapy of Anxiety, Panic Disorders and Phobias”.

May 2017

OH Cards in Gestalt Therapy

Dr. Arthurs Dombrovskis, EAGT, EAP accredited trainer, Director of Riga Gestalt Institute, conductед an advanced level workshop on “OH Cards in Gestalt Therapy”.

March 2017

Human Organism and Environment

Nikolaijs Scerbakovs, EAGT, EAP accredited trainer, Gestalt therapist from Riga Gestalt Institute conductед a didactic workshop “Human Organism and Environment” for the Introductory Level, second year group of students.

October 2016

Diagnosis and Different Clinical Approaches

“Diagnosis and Different Clinical Approaches” by Nikolai Scerbakov – Riga Gestalt Institute, EAGT and EAP member, Gestalt therapist, trainer, supervisor and psychiatrist (Riga, Latvia).

May 2016

img_2398 img_2396 img_2395

img_9740-2Dialogue in Gestalt Therapy

“Dialogue in Gestalt Therapy” by Jay Levin – GATLA, AAGT and EAGT accredited member, Gestalt therapist, trainer, coach and supervisor (Sarasota, Florida, USA).

April 2016

(We aim at enabling young mother students to continue their education by creating s supportive environment.)



Gestalt Therapy View on Psychosomatics

fotorcreated_psychosomaticsWorkshop on “Psychosomatics” for advanced group by Artur Dombrovski, Director of Riga Gestalt Institute, EAGT and EAP accredited member, Gestalt therapist, trainer and supervisor.

March 2016



Existential Crisis and Theory of Self

solvita-nov-15“Existential Crisis and Theory of Self” by Solvita Vektere, EAGT accredited Gestalt therapist, trainer and supervisor.

November 2015




Gestalt Approach to Working with Children and Adolescents

jon%2bblend%2btblisiWorkshop on “Gestalt Approach to Working with Children and Adolescents” by Jon Blend, UKCP-registered Gestalt & Integrative child, adolescent and adult psychotherapist. Thirty years experience accrued within various NHS adult /child mental health and social work settings. Group worker. Clinical Supervisor (individual and group). Expressive Arts Trainer. Life-musician performing with Playback South Theatre Company. Trainer at London Gestalt Centre.

October 2015


The above list of past events is not exhaustive and covers only a few past events conducted at Tbilisi Gestalt Institute over the last few years.

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