Tbilisi Gestalt Institute

About Us

Tbilisi Gestalt Institute represents an educational organization founded in March 2013 with the support from Riga Gestalt Institute (http://www.gestalt.lv/), an accredited member of European Association for Gestalt Therapy (http://www.eagt.org/).

Our Institute offers educational programmes that enable its students acquire professional education in psychotherapy and organizational consulting in accordance with international standards and professional requirements.

Gestalt Therapy educational programme consists of lectures on theory, practical workshops and group therapy training, providing students with necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, to the great extent acquired in an experiential way. Lectures and workshops are conducted by invited professionals, accredited members of European Association for Gestalt Therapy and/or European Association for Psychotherapy.

Gestalt Therapy educational programme comprises 3 levels.  After successful completion of each of them students are entitled to respective certification:

  • After successful completion of 1st level of study – Gestalt Consultant Certificate
  • After successful completion of 2nd level of study – Gestalt Practitioner Certificate
  • After successful completion of the full program (min4.5 years) – Gestalt Therapist certificate.
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