Tbilisi Gestalt Institute

About TGI

Tbilisi Gestalt Institute represents an educational organization founded in March 2013 with the support from Riga Gestalt Institute (http://www.gestalt.lv/), an Original Member of European Association for Gestalt Therapy (http://www.eagt.org/).

From 23 January 2018 Tbilisi Gestalt Institute joined European Association for Gestalt Therapy as an Associate Training Institute Member.

We offer educational programmes that enable our students acquire professional education in psychotherapy and organizational consulting in accordance with international standards and professional requirements.


  • Continuous education in the field of psychotherapy
  • Professional qualification courses
  • Group therapy and personal development training
  • Art-therapy and other therapeutic techniquеs
  • Supervision – individual or group setting
  • Specialized workshops (e.g., working with children and adolescents, couple counselling, clinical therapy, etc)
  • Organisational Gestalt training
  • Access to professional community
  • Finding psychotherapist, referral

Team of Tbilisi Gestalt Institute shares humanistic and existential psychology values, with a holistic view of human with its inter-relational field.  We believe in enormous capabilities of a human being, her/his inherent psychological resourcefulness. Consequentially, Gestalt therapist is viewed horizontally to a client, offering own resources to facilitate empowerment and self-realization of the client. We recognise the need for constant professional and personal development. We strive to organise the training process taking into account social, economic, cultural and ecological factors. We aim at creating an effective educational space and motivating environment.

Tbilisi Gestalt Institute is a limited liability company acting under the laws of Georgia.

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