Tbilisi Gestalt Institute


Useful links

Organisations and resources

Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy (AAGT) http://aagt.org/

European Association for Gestalt Therapy http://www.eagt.org/

The Gestalt Therapy Network http://www.gestalttherapy.net/

Гештальт Клуб http://gestaltclub.com/

Training institutions

Gestalt Associates Training Los Angeles (GATLA) http://gatla.org/

Instituto di Gestalt http://www.gestalt.it/

Pacific Gestalt Institute http://www.gestalttherapy.org/

Riga Gestalt Institute http://www.gestalt.lv/

The Gestalt Centre London http://www.gestaltcentre.co.uk/

The Gestalt International Study Center http://www.gisc.org/

Vilniaus Gestalt Institutas http://www.gestaltinstitute.eu/


British Gestalt Journal http://www.britishgestaltjournal.com/

Gestalt Review http://www.gisc.org/gestaltreview/

News and Notes http://www.gestalt.org/news/


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